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I forgot to mention that I already have giants.  It mostly gets played to allow for a 5th player and the scoring.  I have fit it in to the base box likely due to you mentioning it. :)

I forgot to mention I already had that expansion.  I'll have to check origins out I think!

Played Catan

Had an interesting week. First was my usual Monday game night:

#Cosmic Encounter - I requested this game since it had been a while since we had played it. The owner has every expansion in a huge box. I was given the "Sentient" race which meant I gained additional ships for allying with other players in combat, based on the result. I got up to 8 additional units and was one planet away from winning when another player finally revealed their alien race which gave them a planet after a player discards their entire hand. Love this game even though it's always chaotic as all heck.

#Coup - Played a quick game since some people didn't have much time left. I was able to bluff that I was a Duke for a few rounds but then gave up my bluff which put a target on my back for being too good at lying. I was able to assassinate 3 people before I was couped out of the game. Got 3rd.

#Carcassonne - I hadn't played this in years but we needed an hour long game. I didn't have a real path to victory other than going somewhat heavy on monasteries. After the dust settles, I ended up winning by about 10 points.

I invited a special friend to a monthly board game event my group throws. She really doesn't have much experience with board games so I tried to keep it simple while playing some things I knew she was into:

#Marvel United - She's a huge fan of Marvel so we started with this. We fought against Red Skull and managed to beat him just in time as he was also one crisis away from winning.

#Codenames: Duet - She wanted to play a word game so we tried this out. It didn't really go well. The words were so difficult to associate together and we were both having problems. We lost pretty bad and just gave up on trying again.

#Jenga - The restaurant we were in had this on their shelf so I figured we'd play. It got pretty intense and we both won a game. After this she had to go but the event still wasn't over.

#Sentient - I joined some of the other regulars for this. They teased me about me playing "junior games" with my lady friend the entire time since they had never really seen that side of me. I brushed it off and ended up in 2nd place.

#Love Letter - We had just enough time left for this. There was more talk about my love life in conjunction with the theme of the game. I was so entertained by the hazing that I didn't really try as much as I usually do so I ended in dead last.

Fun! I'd love to get into wood-working, as I often find there are things I'd love to have custom-made. One day I hope to have a space to start acquiring tools.

I think Origins does that. The "Discovery Mode" is basically the original game with a slight twist of the volcanoes allowing you to choose where the scoring pieces "land". The "Totem Mode" adds a sort of set collection / majority interaction, and the "Tribe Mode" allows you to recruit "cavemen" which adds different ways to score.

I can't speak to the expansion for the original game, but I'm sure that could mix up the game to your liking as well, as suggests.

Yeah it only took about 90 minutes from start to finish.  I do a little bit of wood working so already had all of the necessary tools. 

Sounds pretty simple if you have the necessary tools!

Oh for 7 Wonders, it was more a matter of being on a lunch break and wanting to play something quick that we all knew how to play, haha. I think it actually works great anywhere from 3 to 7, and plays quickly when everyone knows how to play.

If you want just a little bit more to your Kingdomino I would suggest looking into the expansion for it.  It basically offers 2 additional modules that you can include.  Giants which block one of your scoring crowns if they are in your kingdom.  This adds a little bit of meaniness to the game and just a little more extra value to going earlier in turn order to avoid or to give you the ability to draft the tiles that allow you to move a giant from your kingdom to one of the other players.  The 2nd module gives you 2 extra scoring conditions that you can  include to give you extra scoring options (like putting water in each corner for 5 points each) or surrounding your castle with wheat fields for 2 points a square type of objectives.  I love the expansion and typically include it with all games I play.  It also helps that with a little bit of work you can fit the base game into the smaller expansion box :)

Makes sense.  Well I look forward to hearing more about it!

i wasn't super impressed by Blue Lagoon the first time I played it.  It was a fine game but it wasn't one that I've ever felt the need to return too.  Glad its a game that works well for you though. 

7 Wonders isn't a game that I think to break out at the 3 player count.  I find that I have some other games that fit that player count better. 

Good week for me including a highlight of finishing off the Scythe Rise of Fenris campaign!

  • #Century: Spice Road
  • #Gaia Project
  • #For Sale
  • #Wingspan
  • #Obsession
  • #Barrage: Took ages to finish on board game arena.  It's probably not the best way to experience the game so take my opinion with a grain of salt but it was interesting but not spectacular.
  • #Blackout: Hong Kong: Played it as a follow up to Mombasa.  I lost by one point!  I prefer Mombasa myself but we'll have to see how his new version does.
  • #Scythe x2: Finally finished #Scythe: The Rise of Fenris campaign after several months of plays, delays, and whatnot.  I had played it through once before solo with app and several automa but of course it's a different experience with 6 players.  One player was finishing the games quickly by rushing stars but getting few points.  They were attempting to use the bonuses at the end to get a win.  However, in the end the Vesna player won and I came in a close second by winning my one and only game, the last one (which counted for double points).  During the campaign I found it hard to adjust my style to speed up to the other player rushing the games but the last game couldn't be rushed and I had finally acquired some speedier play elements so it ended up being a perfect storm.  I definitely learned a lot about the game too.  i don't know if I would play through the campaign with that many players again but I am really excited to use all of the modules in future plays!
  • #Tigris & Euphrates
  • #Cacao
  • #The Castles of Burgundy
  • #Coloretto

I think I'd want to get another play or two in before I would feel comfortable writing a review on it.  We had a blast with our first play and there's been a little group chat discussion about missed rules (which I figured was going to happen) different strategies, etc since our game on Saturday.  The Japan player and I (Germany) both spent a little bit of time Thursday afternoon researching strategies and options to see if there was a way for the Axis to pull out a victory.  We had a shot but Japan lost 2 huge troop transport stacks on turn one (unexpectedly) and I lost a big one on turn 2 which I think really altered the course of the game.  I'd also like to play with the provided quick play and quick battle options which are suppose to speed the game up quite a bit. 

After we finished setting the game up Thursday we spent almost 90 min talking strategy and options and how realistic the game was for simulating the actual war situation as of Spring 1942.  I fully expect this to become my groups once a year type of game.  Its also a game that as of know I can't see leaving the collection but that could just be the high after a single play.

bought a 4' x 4' x 1/8" wood that I wanted to use for the top, used some plywood I had at home.  Clamped the two boards together, drew an outline of the board onto the plywood, used a jigsaw to cut out, sanded the edges and top of the plywood that was going to be glued to the nicer board, glued together.  attached a lazy susan kit to the bottom of it. 

Agree with you on Chinatown.  A ton of fun but group dependent.

One of the youtubers I watch loves war room.  Looks like a ton of fun!  Might be worth a review as it's differnet from many games we typically see.

Interesting about Kingdomino.  I like the original but wouldn't mind a little bit more.  Not enough that it steps on the toes of bigger games but enough to bump it up a notch.  Does Origins do that?

That lazy susan is awesome! How did you build it?

i forgot to attach a photo i took of my game setup before we started. 

When people say its a massive game they aren't kidding.  I had 3 folding tables set up to hold the game.  I also built a 42" lazy susan so that the whole map could spin so people could look at the whole map without having to leave the area they were standing.

I've seen the box for War Room and it looks intense haha

  • #Kingdomino Origins 1x @ 2p - I recently acquired this in a trade because we love the original so much and this has gotten solid reviews. It's got 3 different rulesets in the box, and we played the simplest version, which was very fun. Can't wait to try the others!
  • #Sushi Go! @ 3p - played on a lunch break with some friends over BGArena
  • #7 Wonders 2x @ 3p - ditto ^
  • #Blue Lagoon 2x @ 2p - we've got some visitors, so I taught this to one of them and we played twice in a row (always a good sign). Big fan of this game for snappy gameplay and easy rules. The scoring is the only part that doesn't flow super smoothly, but it's simple enough.
  • #Kingdomino 1x @ 4p - played the original with our houseguests. We were all in the mood for something light and easy, and this fit the bill. I think it went over well.

I'm not very well-versed in cooperative games as they're generally not to my taste, but here are a few I've played and can vouch for:

Had a pretty good week last week.  Got 2 games off my shelf of opportunity (now to be fair one of those arrived on Wed and got played on Saturday and the other i've only had for 3 weeks).

2 games of #Cat in the Box: Deluxe Edition - one game at 3 players and then we asked my oldest son if he wanted to join  us and got a game in at 4 players.  Still really enjoy this game and I like the puzzle it presents.  Really need to pre-order a couple of copies so I can give them away this holiday season.

Finished the night with a game of #Ethnos.  I ended up getting crushed but a good time was had by all. 

On Thursday got a 5 player game of #Chinatown in.  I managed to find this at my FLGS in their consigment section for $20 so grabbed it.  It was a really great game play and I had a ton of fun with it.  I can see why it works really well for some groups and can fall flat for groups that don't enjoy negotion, but it works for my group and will probably be seeing the table pretty frequently.  After we finished the game, I asked the guys to help me finish setting up #War Room as we had a game scheduled for Saturday and most of them were playing in it.

My 2nd Ed kickstarter copy of War Room arrived on Wed, and this is the first kickstarter that my Thursday night group has consistently asked me the status of.  We arranged for a full 6 player game play and had scheduled it for Saturday two months ago, so I was very excited that the game arrived on time.  We did the full Global War scenario.  We started at 2:30 PM and went until midnight with about 30ish min off for dinner.  The game didn't feel like it took that long and when we stopped we pretty much determined that the Allies were a turn or so away from winning the game.  The game was awesome and I'm super excited for the  next opportunity to get it back to the table.  A couple of interesting highlights from the game is that Germany was able to capture London on turn 2.  But Russia took Berlin on turn 4.  Both the UK and Germany ended up in a state of economic collapse after turns 3 and 4 respecitively. 

For me I think that smallworld is the best there is in the fantasy theme 😊
For me everdell and dune would be much higher without hesitation. But I think it's a great top 👍
Well, they look really good! 😀