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Ive got a few promos for it, but no expansions. Scythe is the game Ive bought (for me) the most individual expansions/upgrades/promos for one at a time. Also printed upgraded components. I'm just missing 2 battle dials, but havent seen them cheap enough to justify.  For my wife we have bought almost everything not Marvel or Disney for Smash Up!, so that definitely has the most actual expansions in total in our collection.

My strong desire for a Lacerda style game is what drove me to back #Unconscious Mind .  Its a bit simpler, but has that interconnected mechanisms feel IMO, some reviewers said the same.  I think its far prettier though, and far smoother playing, which has been part of what has held me back from an actual Lacerda.  Plus, as you said, most Lacerda games seem to have unnecessary complexity just for complexity's sake, and seem quite fiddly.  

I need to pull Aquatica off the shelf again!

Among the Stars is a more recent addition to my library and it's honestly been a great purchase. As a drafting game, it's not as thinky as #It's a Wonderful World and has more decisions to make than #7 Wonders so it's appealed to more people. It fits a nice middle ground.

I enjoyed my first few plays of it so much that I went out of my way to find all the major expansions. My wallet now regrets my initial $20 purchase because it has quickly ballooned to a $100 purchase.

I just wish it wasn't such a table hog but that's it's only real problem.

Yeah that wasn't lost on us. I'm not a huge fan of his in general but the gameplay on this one worked for me despite it being a little wonky theme wise.  

I think my older son plans on getting Dune Imperium, if he does I'll gladly play it.

7 Wonders dual is another I need to get back to the table

I need to get Scythe back to the table! We also own and enjoy Among the Stars.

I really dislike online boardgame playing so all are in person, and with my Immediate family (Wife, Younger Son, Mother) and also my Older Son and Daughter in law when they visit every few months; then we always have a multi-day gaming marathon :) . Also on a few ocassions a year we have guests join us. 

This week All games played at 2 players with my wife, or at 3 players with my wife and younger Son. My mother hasn't been able to sit comfortably at a table long enough to play recently.

#Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar x 2 at 2 and 3 players My wife won 2, I won 1. Definitely better at 3 players than 2, You can actually get more done because the extra blocking lets you start on higher spaces more frequently (as opposed to the 2 player dummy blocking that just doesnt simulate a person)

#Otys x3 at 2 players My wife won 2, I won 1. This is an excellemt 2 player game, probably the best player count as you can plan for boonuses a bit better than at 3 when they change too often.  We hadn't played this in quite a while, and found it so much easier and faster this time around. My wife really loved it, but was only ok with it the last time we played. The benefit of board game variety experience.

#Aquatica x3 at 2 players My wife won 2,  I won 1. We've always liked this one, but my wife was sooooo hard to beat this time.  As much as she grumbles about learning new games, she keeps getting better and better at alll games.

#Wingspan x2 at 2 players My Wife won 1, I won 1. We really enjoyed the new 2 player mode from the Asia expansion.  We always play a slight variant where we use both trays and always have 6 birds on display instead of just three. We like the wider choice, especially as we also use all the bird decks when we play (I think 1 more expansion might fit into the 2 bird card trays, but not 2). I hope South America is next.

#Rajas of the Ganges x3 at 2 and 3 My wife won 1, I won 2. Another game my wife enjoyed far more this time than the last time we played. We played the third game because she couldn't stand that I won the first 2.

I forgot #Smash Up, x3 at 2 and 3. My wife won 2, I won 1. Definitely better at higher player counts. I always try to dissuade my wife from playing at two players, but she insists. 2 players just eliminates so many more interesting choices, especially as its a pretty mean game and you just go after each other. It is a heavier game than most people think though, at least to play well while truly maximizing the combo/special power/special actions possibilities.

My younger son isn't into playing board games as much as we are (he's into computer games), or as my older son is (Truthordata here on BGA), he only ocassionally makes a real effort, and so he only wins ocassionally.  He mostly plays once or twice on the weekend to spend time with mom and dad. He did ask for two board games though; Deep Rock Galactic, which should be here soon I hope (the slowest fulfillmet center I've ever experienced) and Monster Hunter World (later this spring). I hope those will get him more into the hobby.


Oh, I always like board games

I played Weather Machine a couple of times on Tabletopia before it kickstarted. I liked the mechanics, but there was such a thematic disconnect for me that I lost all interest in it. Why dont you just stop running the machine if it's causing so many issues?  Through conversations on discord I got the sense that the gameplay changed pretty significantly from when they first decided on the theme, but they didn't seem to adjust the theme or backstory to make sense when the mechanics changed.

Planning on it! Maybe as early as this weekend :D

Another fairly normal week of gaming.  No in person games this week due to life getting in the way darn it!

  • #Yokohama
  • #Julius Caesar: Another block game with on Rally the Troops!  This one is pretty good but I am defintely getting my butt kicked.
  • #Frosthaven x3: Still rolling along.  I keep the game setup on my spare table so it's easier to roll in to the next game.  Definitely enjoying this one and being able to play games frequently and get in to the story is a real bonus to going solo!
  • #Ultimate Railroads
  • #Tigris & Euphrates
  • #Wingspan
  • #Cacao: Playing this one two player definitely changes it up!  I didn't pay attention to the temples much to my regret...

There are games that I love and my wife finds boring (Tzolkin just the other day), and other games she loves and I find somewhat boring (Smash Up! a couple weeks ago).  In Tzolkin my wife goes for an obvious straightforward strategy, while I try all different strategies. In smash up I try a variety of strategies/decks, but she prefers to play with a few powerful combinations that are complex (mostly chained bonus actions), but she knows well.  So in both cases we kind of do the same play style/choices, but have different feelings.  The key I think is in Smash up she takes some very long turns, while I'm usually pretty quick, while the opposite is true in Tzolkin.

After this I found the expansion at 401 games and made some more purchases.  You can vicariously enjoy the joy of purchasing through me!

While I probably wouldn't buy it myself it definitely isn't boring.  Maybe see if you can try it at 3?

Good idea copying and pasting as they are the same games. Sticking to a simplified whole number 1 to 10 system my ratings would be:

#Planet Unknown Amazing polyomino game, everyone was wowed by this one! The assymetry is excellent if you want it as is the production quality.  So fun and puzzly! 10/10 (3 plays at 4 and 5 players)

#Flamecraft The deluxe edition, Another that everyone enjoyed; the wife especially liked it.  A shared engine builder that is tighter than you might expect. 8/10 (3 plays at 2 to 5 players)

#Super-Skill Pinball: Holiday Special My son got this for us, it was fun, but not strategic enough, I'd only get it out and play it around christmas 6/10 (2 play sat 4 players)

#Clank! Catacombs This brings another dimension to the Outstanding Clank! series, one of our favorites. Does change the feel a bit, but it's nice to have so many options of how to play. 9/10 (3 plays at 3 players)

#Dog Park Surprisingly my wife wasn't thrilled with this one; I liked it more than she did. This is actually a really tight efficiency puzzle, but your options feel more limited than we would have preferred. One we will keep, but in the bottom half of our collection. 7/10 (2 plays at 3 players)

#Resurgence We enjoy this bag building, worker placement, contract fulfillment game a lot.  You can always do something worthwhile on your turn, and the way the worker locations function makes for a lot more interaction than most worker placement games. It's also fun to improve your survival shelter. 9/10 (3 plays at 3 players)

#Wingspan: Asia I'm glad we got this expansion as we really enjoy the new two player mode this expansion brings to the table. I'm also glad we waited and got it at a discount and seperate from the absurdly oversized nesting box. 9/10 (2 plays at 2 players)

#Oros I and my son liked this far more than my wife did.  It's so different than anything else we have it just didn't click with her. Has one of the best solo modes I've tried so far, so that's probably how I'll play it most often. Verry puzzle like gameplay as you move and collide tiles, and try to make ways for your followers to achieve your goals. 9/10 (3 plays at 1 to 3 players)

#Forests of Pangaia My wife really enjoyed this one, as did I. This is a highly interactive game, but most of the interaction is mutually beneficial. You are trying to build different patterns of trees over specific tiles. I really liked the way tree tops come off and back on to your player board, with different costs and rewards, this adds a nice layer of strategy to the game 9/10 (3 plays at 2 and 3 players)

#Starship Captains We all really enjoyed this fast action selection contract fulfillment game. Excellent and creative production quality adds to the theme and functionality of the game 9/10 (3 plays at 3 players)

I love the little wagons, and the game had a nice puzzle to how you move optimally to get the locations you need

Yea, I did that by adding the Anachrony Fractures in Time expansion the other day which wad nicely discounted, so Hickory Dickory would have free shipping. I love that Gamenerdz free shipping threshold is so reasonable

I don't have the BGG option in the first place, so I cant help with experience about the geek market. I used to do trades there years ago, and yes, it was mostly crickets.  I always felt like most werent intrested in trading unless they made out in the trade (fair, even trades didnt get much traction), so it wouldnt surprise me if they are expecting you to offer to take a big loss, otherwise crickets.