The UX is horrible. I love good digital board game experiences, but generic products like Tabletopia and Board Game Arena aren't that. This may change with a port to whatever Apple's headset end up being, but I suspect it would still take years to not be clunky even there.

Top Kickstarters Ending Soon! (12/3/2021) [Traveller RPG: The Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society II, The Realm of Shadows: A Trio of Solo Games, Heroes of the Shire]Like| 0 comments | [+]

Played at Umma house.

Groot (Protection), Rocket Raccoon (Aggression) vs. Ultron; Under Attack; Expert

Played at Umma house.

Groot (Justice), Rocket Raccoon (Aggression) vs. Ultron; Under Attack; Expert

I actually just played with the expansion on my last play. It's nothing radical but definitely adds vareity and nudges each player towards specific specialities. The different player boards and abilities are the coolest part but the best addition might be alternative scoring cards you can choose to use instead of colony scoring in era 3.

I'm not a big fan of, but their Concordia implementation is actually pretty good.

I always thought that Worlds Fair looked interesting. I've played a couple of games by the designer and they both feel original. #Gold West and #Sentient if anyone is wondering.

Haha, well I think she was playing it right but I'll keep an eye out for that next time we play!

Well, my wife was killing me as well (probably still will despite this next point), however,

I discovered that in ALL our plays, she assumed she could use however many guests she wanted up to the number on the tile!  So for instance, if the tile said 4 gentry, but she only had 2, she;d us those two and thought that four was optional.

Thus she was gettinga lot more out of her tableau as you might imagine!

Good thing then it might have been a lot worse!  Wishing you all a quick recovery!

Oh man the cook would be so useful! My wife always kills me at this game by somehow getting her prestige up super fast llol

I haven't played this one a ton but I also really enjoy it.  I agree with you on the flaws and the joy.  I recently got the #SpaceCorp: Ventures expansion and I'm dying to see how it changes things up!

I love #Rajas of the Ganges and that would be a fantasic use of Kohl's cash.  Of course Kohl's is not a place I generally look at when shopping for games.

The family is 7/8th vaccinated.  The youngest has had his first shot.  Everyone else is fully vaccainated. 

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I now own Blood Rage and Kemet.  I've never played Inis.  I've played Rising Sun a couple of times and I have a group that enjoyed it as they enjoyed the ally negation and if there is a chance to screw me over then they would gladly take it ;)

I've played Cyclades once at Origins and had such a great time with it that it has moved towards the top of my wishlist.

Blood Rage and Eclipse are awesome.  I have my copy of Eclipse coming today actually froma pre-order I made ages ago. 

Cyclades vies for my top spot in the #Kemet, #Blood Rage, #Inis, #Cyclades world.  (No one in my group has #Rising Sun so I can't comment on it.)  It's fast and allows for different strategies. But really any of them could be top spot depending on what I feel like that day.

Played Hardback

#Obsession: Upstairs, Downstairs adds some new staff, a new family, and some new guests and cards.

1. Staff:  The Cook, Head Housemaid, Hall Boy, and Useful Man.  

       The Cook allows player to invite guests a few prestige levels higher than normal and gives a bonus prestige             when used.

       The HH allows players to screen guests.  You draw one more guests than you normally would and choose

       The HB gives a tad extra money when used and does another thing I can't

       The UM has several uses.  You can toss him out of the game to reset the market OR draw a specific tile

        from the bag to add to the highest spot on the market.  He can make an event you want to host 1 prestige

        level less to host, and he can make a tile 100 less to purchase.

        In general, all these staff are not required and augment activities you are hosting

2.  New Family: The base game comes with two extra boxes for expansion families.  One of these comes with this

     expansion and the family gets to start with a cook.  The last family, Wessex (my brother told me he bought this

     for me for Christmas :)  )   goes into the last box.

3.  New guests.  There are quite a few new guests added to the game and they have several variegated favors

     as compared to the traditional guests.  Some flip tiles, a few give lots of money but reduce prestige.  They are

     all great additions to the game and make it more dynamic

4.  New tiles.  Several are updates to the first edition games but there are a couple new activities.  Notably, the 

     monument prestige bonus is nerfed a bit which helps balance the game a bit more.


Ouch, that sucks.  I know my two older girls had it at some point as they participated in a study which tested them for it and they came back as having had it.  That means I likely had it and never knew it.  Lucky or perhaps we got it after vaccinations.  

Yeah, some quiet solo gaming can be good if the head is clear.  

Wow these are some epic games!

What all does the Obsession expansion add?

Last week ended up being issues with Thanksgiving travels for the one group, cancelled for Thanksgiving and other holiday travels.  Then the family caught COVID so there went gaming for this week.  

The boys are fine and already bored at home and wish they were back in school.  I'm also pretty sure they are the one's who brought it home.

I'm mostly fine.  I have a slight cough and sore throat.  I had a fever Friday but am otherwise fine.  Wife has lost sense of smell, has cough and overall general body aches. 

I did manage to get 2 games of #Dinosaur Island solo in last night so maybe not a completely lost week.

Played Modern Art

Played at Home with 5 players.

Played Machi Koro

Played at Home with 4 players.

Played Machi Koro

Played at Home with 4 players.

Played Calico

Played at Home with 2 players.

Played Calico

Played at Home with 2 players.

Played at Umma house.

Rocket Raccoon (Leadership) vs. Ultron; Under Attack; Expert

Played at Umma house.

Groot (Justice), Rocket Raccoon (Aggression) vs. Ultron; Under Attack; Expert

I think I did pretty well this month compared to my usual months. Doesn't mean I didn't get a lot of games...just means I didn't buy myself games :P


#The King is Dead: Second Edition - A gift from my BGG Secret Santa. I'll eventually make a post to highlight everything I received from the various SS exchanges I participated in. My BGG Santa went above and beyond to give me a lot of great games. Can't wait to get this one to the table with a full 4 player count this weekend!

#Arboretum - I mentioned in last months post that I had this on my radar and Santa came through! Sarah and I played this once and it went pretty well. Likely will be playing this weekend as well.

#Cryo - Another one from my "on my radar" section from last month. I actually got this from both my BGG SS and my Board Game Barrage "Ghost Turkey," their version of a Secret Santa. I traded one away to BoardGameCo along with some stuff I had been given from the guy who runs my meetup group. Not really counting the free games as added or removed as I didn't play them and just accepted them as trade fodder.

#Santa Monica - The final gift from my BGG SS. Looking forward to gettting this played as gave it some high praise.

#My City - A gift from my BGB GT. I mentioned wanting to get Sarah interested in legacy games and this seems to be up her alley. Not entirely sure if I want to attempt to get 2 more people to play through it with us or if I want to playt hrough it twice.

#The Pursuit of Happiness - Picked this up in the aforementioned BoardGameCo trade. It's been on my wishlist for what feels like forever and I'm pretty sure it will eventually fall flat with us, but after one play so far, we like it.

#Cubitos - From the BoardGameCo trade. Have yet to play it, but really excited to give it a go!

#Gunkimono - Another BoardGameCo trade acquisition. Played it once and have sense realized I got some rules wrong. Will have to try again.

#Code of Nine - So far my only gift from my Heavy Cardboard Secret Elephant exchange. Ever since I heard about this on the Hidden Gems podcast, I was intrigued. It's up there on my want to play list at the moment.

#American Bookshop, Cinderella's Dance - Backed these two games on Kickstarter. As with all KS games, not sure if these count because I won't be getting them for awhile, but as it is the only money I actually spent on games for myself this month, I felt compelled to include them. Couple of small box, Japanese, interesting sounding trick takers. I couldn't resist...I'm weak lol.

Removed/thinking about removing

#Altiplano - The only game that actually "left" my collection from the BGCo trade. Traded along with my spare copy of #Cryo, along with #Trains: Rising Sun, some expansions for that, and #Happy Salmon.

Not a whole lot that I'm thinking about getting rid of at the moment. Pretty much purged what I was willing to part with over the past couple months

On my radar

I've revised my not getting new games statement to not spending money on games. So games that are given to me as gifts or purchased with gift cards are fair game. Still waiting for the HC Secret Elephant to get me something else too.. Anyway, here's some stuff I've asked for/know I'm getting for my birthday/Christmas:

#Pompiers - I convinced Sarah to get this for me for my birthday :D

#Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition - The collector's edition was on sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday and my mom was looking for gift ideas for me. I asked for this..shrug...

#There's Been A Murder - I believe it was that mentioned playing this one recently. Thanks to Sarah's love of true crime, I looked it up and it seemed alright. Don't know if Sarah's going to gift it to me for Christmas but the possibility is there.

#Ticket to Ride: Europe - Seems like a weird one for me to have here, but hear me out lol. I had a lot of Kohl's cash from buying gifts and there just so happened to be some games on sale. I told Sarah I planned to use said Kohl's cash on #Ticket to Ride: New York or #Ticket to Ride: London, but she I guess took it upon herself to tell a mysterious "someone" to buy me TTR Europe instead? Not sure how we got here honestly. Either way I may or may not have used the Kohl's cash to get #Rajas of the Ganges, but alas, it is now December, so you will have to wait a month to find out :P

Played Bargain Quest

Played at Home with 3 players.

Played Junk Art

Played at Home with 3 players.

Played at Home with 3 players.